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A devastating earthquake convulses the city, affecting Mandoulides Schools and its newly laid foundations. But the foundations are deep and the vision of Evangelos Mantoulidis continues undeterred. The concept of nurturing students in a European, International perspective -a concept demanding dare and virtue, discipline and toil- progresses virtually uninhibited, materializing as an educational institution.


The vision expands. Needing space to grow, the Junior and Senior High Schools are established at a location separate from the secondary school. Still, the tireless, devoted founder looks higher. Not easily satisfied, he challenged himself to seek new horizons and greater adventures in education. 


Mandoulides Schools celebrate twenty years in educational service in the new state of the art Cultural and Athletics Center. Doors to the world's greatest universities open to Mandoulides' students; Eva Tsoukalidou is accepted to Harvard.  Since that day, Mandoulides graduates can be found in classrooms in top universities and colleges across the USA and Great Britain. In any given year Mandoulides graduates are attending such schools as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Caltech, MIT, Duke and others in the USA. In Great Britain, MHS students have gained acceptance to Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial, while at the same time, graduates are accepted with top honors into Greek universities. Alexandros Karentzos in Medical School, Vasiliki Kapsali in Law and Haris Karasiotis in the Polytechnical University each entered with the highest honors given to Greek students.



Evangelos Mantoulidis had a particular goal set for athletics. Adhering to the ancient quote: "A healthy mind leads to a healthy body", he endeavours to realize a childhood dream by establishing a now globally renowned team. In five separate occasions, Mandoulides Schools have prevailed in national Basketball championships: 1991, 2000, 2005, 2006 and 2009 by occupying the first place. The 1999 team won the world title in Israel, in 2005 the team ranked 2nd in Poland and in 2009 our team ranked 3rd in a international tournament held in Istanbul, Turkey.


Ioannis Tsoukalidis is honored with the silver medal in the International computer Olympiad hosted by Finland. In 1998 and 2000 again, Ioannis is awarded the bronze medal in Portugal and China respectively.


In 2002 the Kindergarten, Elementary and Junior - Senior High Schools open their Second School grounds. New buildings are added as a consequence of increasing enrolment at Mandoulides Schools.


Boys' High School Basketball Team is proclaimed 2nd World Champion in Poland.



Christos-Apostolos Mantoulidis claims the silver medal in the International Computer Olympiad held in Mexico. The following year he is presented with the bronze medal in the same competition in Croatia.



Evangelos Mantoulidis passed away unexpectedly in the spring. To his family, faculty and staff, former and present students, friends and the educational community, he is still and will always be present.  Evangelos Mantoulidis, by virtue of his powerfully and sometimes contradictory accumulated experiences, through conscious choices, resolve, hard work and knowledge, has blessed all those touched by him and his work the best lesson in life by having been the best example in life. It is the nature of education for a teacher to give beyond himself for the benefit of the student. Those of us who have had the chance to study under him remain in his debt. Not by owing some form of favor, but the responsibility to act, as he would have. We are all eternally grateful to Evangelos Mantoulidis for having affecting us so.



1978 - 2008: Mandoulides Schools celebrate 30 years of education, commitment and service, full of memories and wonders. Two generations of students have now walked the school's corridors. It has been a wonderful journey and it continues on today and on into tomorrow... in pursuit of knowledge, success, personal development and joy as the students trace the footsteps laid down by the school's founder.... Many opportunities and choices are given so that other students can come and lay the foundation for their own path at our Schools. 


Boys High School Basketball Team becomes 3rd World Champion in Turkey. 


Evangelos Taratoris wins the silver medal in the International Mathematics Olympiad in Kazakhstan and the Balkan Mathematics Olympiad in Moldavia.

Zoi Tzika ranks 1st in the School of Architecture in Thessaloniki scoring 19.836 units.

Samaras Tsakiris 2012


Konstantinos Samaras-Tsakiris wins the bronze medal in the 23rd International Biology Olympiad which was held in Singapore.

Chrysoula Gouta is admitted 2nd to the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with 19,800 units.

Eleni Frilingou is admitted 3rd to the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with 19,780 units.

Anastasia Printziou is admitted 2nd to the Civil Engineering Department of the Aristotle university of Thessaloniki with 19,599 units.

35 years Mandoulides Schools


1978-2013: 35 years Mandoulides Schools. His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos brightened with his presence the festivities for the 35 years of Mandoulides Schools’ operation and contribution to education and culture.

"Your All Holiness
to Mandoulides Schools"

October 25th 2013


-Evangelos Taratoris wins the silver medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad and the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad



-Zoi Tzika ranks 1st in the School of Architecture in Thessaloniki with 19836 units